About Us

OneLoveMatch Ltd –The Black Dating & Matching Service You Can Trust’

‘I Never Thought Love Would Find Me Again But It Did. Now All I Want To Do Is Help Love Find You Too’…..

……..These are the heartfelt words of the founding member of  OneLoveMatch Ltd, which form the root foundation, inspiration and motivation on which this service is  based.

OneLoveMatch Ltd‘ are a No Spills No Frills, simple but unique matchmaking and dating service for people of colour, seeking like-minded genuine companionship. 

We offer a Professional and Personalised service by taking an In-depth personal profile about you, because the more we know about you, the better match we can find for you, saving you the trouble of scrolling through hundreds of profiles on the internet!

We  value your right to privacy and confidentiality  so we do not  publish or post  personal details or photographs. 

We carry out I.D.Vetting to make sure the person IS who they say they are.

According to client feedback, our Customer Support is ‘Outstanding, Warm and Excellent’.

This website is for marketing and contact purposes only and is aimed at letting you know we are here….so we won’t dazzle, frazzle or try to draw you in with snazzy, fancy, gimmicks of any kind. Integrity is our middle name.

We really are just here, to offer a helping hand in your search for that someone special to share the joys, the chores, the tears the laughter and whatever else life throws at you…together. Accepting, Respecting, Complimenting and Nurturing Each other. The way it should be….Don’t worry, if this is your first time out here in the dating field, we know how daunting it can be and take every care to ensure we consider your feelings at every step of the way on your sentimental journey …

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