Who is Aunty P,?

Aunty P’ is a Mature Proud Woman of Colour. A mother, sister, aunty, sistren and grandmother who has worked in the public and private sectors for most of her working life.  

Several years ago, Aunty P’ became acutely aware of the lack of Black Dating Agencies and Relationship Support Networks. She was tired of hearing the horror stories from people who didn’t trust internet dating sites, due their experiences of been deceived by fake profiles and  serial daters’ –  only after a ‘one-night stand’. Also those who simply  felt unsafe and vulnerable using generic dating sites. Aunty P’ took a stance and said… ‘enough is enough, it’s time for something different and tailored to our cultural needs’. Thereupon she decided to create a database of single and eligible people and began a small local dating service in her spare time.

She then went on to creat One Love Matchmaking Agency – OLMA. The purpose of this service is simply to connect like-minded people looking to find someone who is sincere, genuinely compatible , considerate, respectful and reciprocal. Someone who will be a genuine loving partner for life . Aunty P’ brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this service, from the University of Life. She offers a confidential person-centered approach to members where confidence maybe lacking…And as we all know, whether new or starting over, a relationship can be a daunting and challenging experience and this is where Aunty P’ and OLMA’s Personal approach model is second to none.


No Spills No Frills, just simple unique traditional matchmaking and introductory service with a twist . Whats the twist you may ask?…. Answer: ‘VIRTUAL – Blind Dating’. This way, you get to see and talk to your date without the initial travel costs and other associated dating costs e.g. venue, meal etc…😊. The choice is then yours, whether you decide to arrange a ‘face2face’ meeting or not – YOU ARE in control.

Depending on the package you choose, OLMA can arrange the face2face meeting if you prefer not to use our Virtual service.

Being of old school upbringing, myself, I have re-instated cultural values and the importance of :

  1. ‘Being introduced’ to a possible suitor by an intermediary, such as a friend or relative – that’s me by the way 😊

  2. The nature of ‘courtship’ by encouraging a period of dating to get to know eachothers character and personality. 

  3. Insisting on important OLMA ‘dating etiquette’.

Note: Silver membership is FREE and enables OLMA to add you to our private database of singles. However, to be eligible for OLMA dating services, Members must become a Gold or Platinum Client, so no need to upgrade until a suitable match is found for you.


Because verification of identity and an in-depth personal profile is vital in this day and age. So is privacy, discretion and saving your valuable time from scrolling through hundreds of profiles on the internet! Last but not least, your need to relax and feel that you are in safe hands, with someone to offer support in your search for a friend, lover and life partner.

According to my customer feedback, OLMA Customer Support is ‘Outstanding, Warm and Excellent’.

Integrity and keeping it Real is our middle name. OLMA really are just here, to offer a helping hand in your search for that someone special to share the joys, the chores, the tears the laughter and whatever else life throws at you…together. Accepting, Respecting, Complimenting and Nurturing Each other. The way it should be….Don’t worry, if its been a while since you were last out here in the dating field, we know how daunting it can be and take every care to ensure we consider your feelings at every step of the way on your Afri-mantic’ journey.

AUNTY P, (Prinny) the founding member of  OneLoveMatchmaking Agency.