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Most frequent questions and answers

Min – 25yrs

Max – No maximum age

No – Virtual Dating has no geographical limits, so you date someone from across the street or across the  globe

Yes, but only for Platinum Clients as additional costs are incurred, which must be discussed agreed.

Yes. However, if changing from a Gold or Platinum Client status to a Silver Membership no refund with will available.


Before your date, client support is available to help calm your nerves, offer reassurance or even what to wear etc…. just give us a call

After the date or at any time, relationship consultation is available. Please note – it is NOT an advisory service – sometimes all thats needed is a listening ear and an objective view on the matter!

Payment options are discussed at your intial FREE  Thirty minute consultation. Following which, your membership will be confirmed with a request for payment. Upon receipt of payment, the search  for a suitable match will commence.

‘Haste  makes Waste’ so we try not waste anytime matching or arranging a date with just  anyone, just for the sake of it?

All we  ask for is a little patience in you and trust in us – because for us – It s Personal and not just Business!

No, not as a rule.

However if a client would like their photo to be posted in our ‘Feature’ section, this would be possible.


There are several other services out there catering for the wider masses of other specific groups. Therefore, OLMA are simply addressing a niche in the market where there is demand but not enough  supply.