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“So…you think finding Love is going to be easy…

WAKE UP, and smell the...

 “So… Just because there are a plethora of dating sites to choose from these days, you think finding  ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ is going to be easy…(dying fly laughter)… Pleeeease. Wake up and smell the coffee, roses, ganja or whatever super strength of smelling salts is needed for you to realize the reality of the situation out here!

Ideally, the best case scenario is not to look for love, but to let love find you in its own sweet and  natural time. However, whilst we’re still waiting for that particular utopia to manifest itself, OLMA (onelovematchmakingagency), is here to give a helping hand…

 I have been providing this service intermittently for over ten years, having shelved it a few times because its EXHAUSTING having to sift through and weed out the liars, one-night-standers, pervs, hoe’s, narcissists, serial-daters-not-really-looking-to-settle-down’ers, sugar daddy seekers, human parasite users and general good for nothing time wasters!

….and let’s keep it real,  even if a match is found on paper, it does not guarantee that face2face feeling of goose pimpling, heart fluttering, can’t wait to kiss your face off sensation. But that’s no excuse to give up – right?

Undeniably, we HUE-man and Woman Be-Ins are the Most complex species on the planet, not just physiologically,  psychologically and emotionally, but each with our unique individual foibles. If you are in a reciprocal long lasting healthy relationship, you are truly blessed. Please nurture and hold onto to it, because todays dating scene is no joke!

Ask any male or female who has surfed and turfed the numerous dating sites hoping to find ‘The One’, only to be plagued with ‘likes’ and photos from pervs whose only interest is to flash their private anatomies to all and sundry, to feed their insecure or over-inflated ego, or those who are just looking for a one-night-stand seven days a week….. and that applies to male and females….. Aaaarrrggghhhh….. Weh’ all the normal peeps at ?

I started this service to provide an alternative to the regular dating sites that were out there at that time.  Why ? To provide a safe, honest, ID checking, morally conscious, ‘old skool’ courting, traditional introductory, values based matchmaking service. Where straight people of colour can search for a  like-minded life partner, and maintain privacy and discretion without having to post their photo all over the internet. In All honesty, my biggest challenge has always been finding a genuine black brother who seriously wants to meet, court and perhaps settle down with a like-minded black sister – (not in a biological sense – obvs).

Conclusion: That aside (for now – but look out for a future blog…), this short share is just to say – Its more than and jungle out here trying to find the right person to share your life with. You consciously need to decide what it is that you actually want?  Do you want to find your ‘soul mate’ that gives you that repeated ‘de-ja-vous’ sense and who, just feels like the other half of you in every way and who you just cannot imagine life without them being in it. OR , are you prepared to settle for a ‘life-partner’, who doesn’t float your boat entirely, but can provide you with the love, care, security and the companionship you seek. Which ever you decide, take this away with you…

If you have FIFTEEN points on your checklist for Mr or Mrs Right, be prepared to compromise at least FIVE of those points or stay on the proverbial shelf indefinitely, because no one is perfect, but there just might be someone out there that is perfect for you – given the chance to get to know you!”

Love Prinny x

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