whe all da black men at2

“But Seriously … Whe’ All The Single Black Men At” ?

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WHERE are all the black brothers hiding???…Please, come out come out where ever you are !
We Love You and We Want You, to have loving healthy happy relationships and families with. To build, strengthen and maintain our community and nation.
It’s a foregone conclusion that in todays so called ‘age of equality’, some black men are terrified of the so called independent black woman. Why? because they fear emasculation, and the re-kindling of ‘post traumatic slave syndrome’.

In addition, some so called independent black women have sooo… much ‘independence’ running through their circulatory system… That they’ve completely forgotten the skills and benefits of being sweet, charming, flirtatious and emitting an air of innocent vulnerability, allowing those of our brothers who fulljoy the challenge of the chase – to Chase. Its in their hormones and nature – I hear 🙂 and dates back to ancient times.

In my humble opinion, these are the things which help to prompt, attract and balance the stakes in the playful dance of courtship. But don’t get it twisted, of course I’m not saying we women should act foolish, dumb or like loose women, in order to attract our black man. I’m just saying that we need to remember and know how and when to ‘soften’ – not remove, that self defensive wall of self-preservation. And the invisible wall that screams out ‘I DON’T NEED A MAN – BUT I WANT ONE’.

Once we learn and exercise this we will see how it allows and opens that door to  let relaxed, fun loving vibrations flow freely. Which in turn helps to dispel any great expectations, which may only bring great disappointment. After all, so what if his chat up line is cheesy? No one is perfect. Just laugh and let the convo’ flow naturally. Then, if there is any kind of spark or even curious interest, he or she can pop the question “Would you like to go on a genuine date?”… nutten nuh wrong wid dat!

It’s about bringing back that good ole’ fashion dating etiquette with reciprocal respect and mutual overstanding that, kindness and truth are worth their weight in gold.

Oh, and lets not forget to  mention that although it is said that ‘Love is Colour blind‘, which I do not dispute. There is still a huge proportion of the global majority (non-white persons), who choose and prefer to have a partner of similar race and culture. The current blatant agenda in all visual media to promote black/white relationships is not un-noticed. However, supply and demand denotes that there is still a need for the service that OLMA provide i.e. matchmaking for straight black singletons…..If only the brothers were as forthcoming as the sistahs’ 🙂 After all, OLMA are just offering a helping hand and an extra pair of eyes for busy singletons, with very little time or desire, to scroll the web and frequent social face2face spaces.

Finally for now, those of you who are parents out there, please please teach the children that dating is not all about ‘wham bam – thank you mam’. But interpersonal bonding, friendship, patience, respect, balance, harmony, truth, love, commitment and much more – if a lasting partnership is what they desire.

Thankhu for reading…

BlessUP! LiveUP! LoveUP!
OneLoveMatchmakingAgency (OLMA)


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