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‘Who is ‘The One?’

Who is ‘The One’ I ask myself, as you may have asked yourself that too. Also, is there really JUST ONE of ‘The One’ ???

I answer myself with :
Surely, there Is More than just one of ‘The One’.
Why? Because we are ever evolving, growing and learning about the world around us, but more importantly – the World Within Us.

As we move through life from childhood to adolescence to become adults – If we are wise, we know that ‘All things change in one way or another – It is the Law of Nature – it is called Growth! That’s why seeds are planted, so that they can Grow!

Relationships are not exempt from this. In some cases, it may mean that Mr or Mrs Right of Ten years ago may not be the Right person for us today or in Ten years time. Sad but true!

You’re probably reading this thinking that I am totally un-selling my business, but you know what, Aunty P’ keeps it real….. I know no other way!

Tell the truth, how many couples do you know that are just ‘existing’ in a relationship instead of Living their best lives together….hmm?

For me, the secret to keeping ‘The One’ – for that ‘till death us do part’ is Honesty and communication. The ability to share the good, the bad and the indifferent feelings. I would much rather hear the ‘ugly Truth than a pretty lie anyday! This includes emotional, physical and financial honesty.

My son aged twenty-six said to me ‘Mum, the ‘right person’, is the one that you don’t have to get into character for. Someone who accepts who you are in your fullness and who you can tell anything to’.

Obviously all the other stuff is important too such as parenting duties where there are children, household chores, emotional support, spontaneous kind gestures of apprecilove, joy and intimacy. No, it doesn’t always have to be large gifts like expensive cars and jewellery – nice but not always sustainable.
Small gestures can work too i.e. walks in the park, breakfast in bed, movie night in together, because money and material things never bought Real love as far as I am aware – let me know if you know different.
For many of us, Truth and simple consistency of expressing our love is important for keeping that ‘spark’ alive and the Reciprocation of joint learning and growth within the relationship. Knowledge and acceptance that change is inevitable but most importantly knowledge and acceptance of change within ‘self’.

I conclude: Some people are constantly seeking for ‘The One’. But they will never find ‘The One’, until they have found, Know and Accept, The One Within Themselves knowing that we continue to grow and learn. Hopefully, that will give the Mr or Mrs Right of yesterday year a better chance of remaining ‘The Mr or Mrs Right of tomorrow and beyond. Aunty P’ – OLMA Blog#1 – 05/07/2020.

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